Real-time access, managed with confidence.

LIVE Access Software

100% visibility to what’s happening across your store.

LIVE Access empowers store leaders to confidently give every associate their own OneKEY to better service customers, reduce theft, and increase sales. Maintain 100% visibility, control, and management of locked, displayed and sell-through products and turn your disconnected security process into real-time access, managed with confidence.

You control who has access to what, when and where.

LIVE Access simplifies the who, what, where of access control with OneKEY — the only key you need, storewide. Facilitate secure and quick customer service by customizing OneKEY user permissions based on store, department, or seasonal needs.


Specific Display

Theft Protection

Safeguard against malicious activity with an audit trail of activity and remote reauthorization features.


Innovative Store Experiences

Future-proof technology that can be used for self-service programs without associate help.

Better Operations

Analyze activities by store, associate, or specific departments to improve demand planning and store efficiencies.

Associate Productivity

Just one key to unlock service in every aisle.

Seamless Integration

Integrate into SSO and BI platforms or third-party Access Control Systems with our Software Development Kit.

Customer Wait

Decrease customer wait times and improve the store experience.

Fit to scale from small teams to large enterprises.


  • View device and OneKEY activity within a store(s)
  • No annual software license fee


  • Robust software that ties individual user identification to an activity within the store(s)
  • Provides greater visibility and access control to the sales floor
  • Quickly add users and modify permissions using the roles feature
  • Create and control areas of permission within a store or individual department using the zoning feature