Software analytics to increase sales, decrease internal theft

Access Manager

Highly configurable, cloud-based solution that allows access to data anytime

  • Create permissions for store employees to access the entire store, specific departments or even particular displays.
  • Empowers employees to better serve their customers with single key access, reducing customer wait times in receiving merchandise locked away
  • Profitable store management – when internal theft decreases, and store sales increase, profits rise.

Access Manager is proven to decrease unauthorized activity by internal threats.

Access Manager Lite

  • Delivers insight into associate interactions
  • View device and OneKEY activity within a store(s)
  • No annual software license fee

Access Manager Pro

  • Robust software that ties individual user identification to an activity within the store(s)
  • Provides greater visibility and access control to the sales floor
  • Quickly add users and modify permissions using the roles feature
  • Create and control areas of permission within a store or individual department using the zoning feature

Cloud Based Data

  • Data collection stored in the cloud, can be accessed anywhere, anytime
  • Historical data can be assessed easily over time

Single Web Address

  • Access Manager permissions at HQ and Store
  • Automatic role assignment at HQ

System Hierarchy

  • Segment employee interactions by Headquarters, Division or Individual Store.
  • Updates can be made easily to the hierarchy.

Store Format(s) Naming

  • All zones & devices are named consistently across the estate
  • Predetermined zones are defined for specific store formats

How can Access Manager Benefit You?

Value Proposition – Profitability

  • When internal theft decreased and store revenues increase, store profits rise
  • Access Manager is a single investment that provides solutions to two significant retailer measurements

Auditing & Zoning

  • Controlled employee access to the entire store, specific departments or even particular displays
  • Data collection from the keys offers a view into all team member activity

Measurement – Store Revenue Rises

  • OneKEY access allows ease of use by the store team, reducing customer wait times in receiving merchandise locked away
  • Associates therefore gain more time to sell and assist more customers, in effect increasing conversion rates

Measurement – Reduce Internal Theft

  • Theft within store walls can be difficult to track
  • Access Manager provides a bird’s eye view of when merchandise and display devices are being access and by whom