Display protection for high-value wearables.

Part of the OneKEY ecosystem, InVue wearable solutions are designed to provide best-in-class protection and an exceptional customer experience.


All-in-one solution for smartwatches

  • Most comprehensive solution to power and alarm smartwatches
  • Includes integrated alarm stand with recoiler, prevents the need for a separate alarm unit
  • Optional built in Apple charger cradle can natively charge Apple watches


Clean, consistent display for smartwatches

  • 2 display options: Hidden cord or Exposed cord
  • Perfect placement magnets and anti-slip pad to ensure consistent and clean display
  • Utilizes universal flex sensor for improved operational efficiency and easy installation
  • Compatible with Zips for full alarm option

OnePOD Wearable

OnePOD platform for smartwatches

  • Open hoop design with recoiler provides optimal customer try-on experience
  • Utilizes the OnePOD stand and sensors for consistent visual merchandising
  • Works only with Apple and Samsung Galaxy watches


Powerful security for smartwatch displays

  • Heavy-duty, all-metal construction delivers a truly secure display solution
  • Clean, minimal, low-profile stand complements environment and engages customers, while reducing leverage points and theft access
  • Three (3) fit-for-purpose harness bands for square or round watch faces
  • Two (2) mounting stud sizes for scalability and enhanced security
  • Four (4) simple screws, inaccessible from tabletop, secure watch frame to stand
  • Undercounter hardware that protects fixtures and countertops
  • Integrated OEM power capability for most popular Apple and Samsung watch models


Power and alarm security for smart watches on display.

  • Wearable security for Samsung, LG, Apple and Sony smart watches
  • Enables interaction with all watch features
  • Allows customer to try the watch without assistance from store staff

WS1 Display Only

Cost effective solution for universal wearable display.

  • Magnetic docking with Zips Clip — available in small and large sizes to support an array of fitness band and health monitors
  • For use with Zips Power or Zips 2.0 sensors
  • Ideal for non-powered displays requiring alarming security