InVue Retail Security Systems

Providing best in class merchandising and security protection for high theft merchandise on display. Designed to help retailers reduce theft, improve the customer experience, and increase sales.

  • Versatile: From protecting electronics to merchandise in cabinets or drawers, InVue solutions help retailers secure their merchandise while increasing sales.
  • Design: Clean, innovative design which delivers an inviting and meaningful customer experience.
  • OneKEY: Compatible with InVue’s patented OneKEY ecosystem which provides best in class security, improved customer experience, and powerful software analytics on in-store behavior.

Display Merchandise

Security and merchandising solutions for products on display in retail.

Hanging Merchandise

From innovative dispensers to flexible locking hooks. Easy to use and tough to defeat.

Packaged Merchandise

Complete display and security options for boxed and bottled merchandise.

Cabinet & Drawer Locks

Fast access to merchandise allows your employees to better service customers and increase sales.


One Design. One Experience. One Key. OnePOD.

OneKEY Ecosystem

With OneKEY you can safely give every associate a key to improve customer service and dramatically boost sales.