Simple. Fast. Secure.

The only security solution for powered and non-powered electronic accessories and general merchandise on display.

Zips for electronice accessories

Zips for headphones

Zips for modular displays

Zips for laptops

Zips for connected home displays

Zips for general merchandise

Zips is versatile and scalable, featuring alarm, power and high security options with a wide range of powered and non-powered sensors for unlimited applications.

  • Quick to install, simple to use
  • Multiple attachments and power sensors
  • Options for both standard and high security
  • Available in single port or multi port
  • OneKEY ecosystemTM
  • Compatible with Access ManagerTM

Zips Display Case

A flexible solution to display a wide range of smart technology and personal accessories.

  • Clear visual case protects product and promotes engagement
  • Integrated security and charging options
  • Compatible with existing Zips bases to support a wide variety of merchandise
  • Compatible with OneKEY and Access Manager for full visibility of product interaction.

Zips for Connected Home Displays

A universal platform to display and protect connected home devices.

  • Easily accommodates a wide range of device shapes and sizes
  • Alarm unit can be mounted under counter allowing for a clean design
  • Scalable: allowing you to upgrade to higher security as needed and at a minimal investment
  • Integration with Zips platform and the complete InVue OneKEY ecosystem

Zips for Laptop Displays

K-Lock: Enhanced security for laptops, notebooks, and monitors providing robust mechanical security combined with optional alarm.

  • Utilizing the industry standard Kensington slot
  • Versatile application options with adapter plate for notebooks without a K-slot
  • Steel plate adheres to back of laptop providing a seamless customer experience
  • Features a cut resistant steel cable and steel plate
  • OneKEY security key provides industry’s highest security and ease of use
  • Part of the InVue Zips family of sensors

Zips for Modular Displays

Customizable, flexible and cost effective attachments for select accessories on display.

  • Cost-effective turn-key solution when coupled with Series 850
  • Magnetic placement is quick to install and easy to re-merchandise
  • Flexible implementation

Zips All-in-One Headphones

Inspire great listening.

  • Audio, power, and alarm provide a complete headphone display.
  • Long, soft-pull cord enables customers to try every feature.
  • Simple, unified design encourages interaction.

Zips Headphone Recoiler

Optimal customer experience and security for wireless headphones

  • Fully integrated audio cable for playback in the headphones
  • Standard security to openly and safely display wireless headphones
  • Supports multiple audio barrel sizes: 2.5mm and 3.5mm
  • Integration with Zips platform

Zips Recoiler

Provides clean, modern display that makes the merchandise the hero and provides a better customer experience

  • Hidden cord
  • Small footprint and aesthetic design
  • Cross compatibility with all aux ports and ZIPs
  • Smooth recoiler with lightweight resistance

Zips Camera

Excellent protection for both DSLR and point-and-shoot cameras.

  • Open air cable allows full interaction
  • Red LED indicates system is providing alarming protection