Solutions for Merchandise on Display.

InVue PODs provide protection for phones, tablets, laptops, cameras, VR headsets, and other electronic merchandise.

Series 960

Optimal combination of design, experience,
and security

  • Minimal contemporary design
  • High consumer experience
  • Scalable security
  • Allows for cross merchandising of accessories
  • Compatible with InVue’s Retail Analytics suite

Series 855V

Vertical display with ultra low profile sensor.

  • Streamlined sensor design ensures device stability and enhances customer experience
  • Reliable performance with consistent charging up to 2.1A, ensures displays are always powered
  • Compatible with branded point of sale merchandising displays
  • Part of the OneKEY ecosystem™

Series 2865

Secure and power multiple products with one system.

  • Designed for branded ecosystems, mixed-use displays and category specific displays
  • Ultra Low Profile sensor makes the product the hero and delivers a great customer experience
  • Smart voltage regulation compensates for voltage loss between the Power Box and device
  • Up to 24 powered and 24 alarming positions or 48 alarming only positions
  • Under counter components are future-proof and easily remerchandised for the addition of new products.

Series 2800 Low Profile Sensor

  • Compliments a clean, minimalist store design with an elegantly designed, high impact vertical display option
  • With the smallest AP sensor in the industry, you can engage your customers at the point of sale for a near ideal merchandise experience

Series 2800 Low Profile Camera Sensor

  • A sleek solution that powers and protects SLR cameras
  • No bulky sensor or security stand required
  • Innovative design minimizes the intrusiveness of security and encourages self-guided customer trial

Series 3000

Wireless security. The ultimate customer experience.

  • No cord attached to stand — unrestricted movement
  • Configurable experience zone
  • Pre-alarm when nearing zone limit


Perfect combination of security, experience and cost.

  • Alarm on Merchandise provides enhanced theft deterrence
  • Optional bracket arms provide scalable, enhanced security when and where it’s needed
  • Power pass-through enables the display to be fully charged (with OEM power supply) and ready for customer trial