Solutions for Phones & Tablets

Protect and display phones and tablets with a variety of solutions that fit your unique store environment.


Stand Tall. Move Freely.

A visually engaging display that invites customers to experience products in their truest form — without cords or wires. Zone Manager lets retailers program security parameters while LIVE’s advanced analytics provide insights on customer engagement and planogram compliance.

InVue Inside

Simple, effective bricking software for smartphones and tablets.

  • Blocks devices from operation, reprogramming, reflashing, or resetting when taken from a retail location
  • An ideal complement for physical security to increase confidence, control, and customer experiences
  • Installs quickly and operates without active network requirements


One platform that delivers:

  • OneKEY – One single key for your entire store
  • An inviting customer experience to increase sales
  • Multiple security levels
  • Cross-merchandising capability
  • InVue’s complete retail analytics suite

OnePOD Wireless

The Ultimate Experience

  • Sensor combines with any existing OnePOD display and can instantly convert between wireless and stationary security as needed
  • Clean, consistent visual display that encourages customer interaction and makes the product the hero
  • Wireless sensor frees associates to move about the store and sell complementary products
  • Configurable security parameters using the Zone Manager

Series 960

Optimal combination of design, experience,
and security

  • Minimal contemporary design
  • High consumer experience
  • Scalable security
  • Allows for cross merchandising of accessories
  • Compatible with InVue’s Retail Analytics suite

Series 855V

Vertical display with ultra low profile sensor.

  • Streamlined sensor design ensures device stability and enhances customer experience
  • Reliable performance with consistent charging up to 2.1A, ensures displays are always powered
  • Compatible with branded point of sale merchandising displays
  • Part of the OneKEY ecosystem™

Series 2865

Secure and power multiple products with one system.

  • Designed for branded ecosystems, mixed-use displays and category specific displays
  • Ultra Low Profile sensor makes the product the hero and delivers a great customer experience
  • Smart voltage regulation compensates for voltage loss between the Power Box and device
  • Up to 24 powered and 24 alarming positions or 48 alarming only positions
  • Under counter components are future-proof and easily remerchandised for the addition of new products.

Series 2800 Low Profile Sensor

  • Compliments a clean, minimalist store design with an elegantly designed, high impact vertical display option
  • With the smallest AP sensor in the industry, you can engage your customers at the point of sale for a near ideal merchandise experience

Series 2800 Low Profile Camera Sensor

  • A sleek solution that powers and protects SLR cameras
  • No bulky sensor or security stand required
  • Innovative design minimizes the intrusiveness of security and encourages self-guided customer trial

Series 3000

Wireless security. The ultimate customer experience.

  • No cord attached to stand — unrestricted movement
  • Configurable experience zone
  • Pre-alarm when nearing zone limit


Perfect combination of security, experience and cost.

  • Alarm on Merchandise provides enhanced theft deterrence
  • Optional bracket arms provide scalable, enhanced security when and where it’s needed
  • Power pass-through enables the display to be fully charged (with OEM power supply) and ready for customer trial