D600 Body Temperature Detector

Support continued temperature monitoring at the workplace

The mini thermo detector uses the unique detecting technology of non-contact infrared surface temperature of the human body. It is used to detect the human body surface temperature through a high-precision temperature measurement sensor. It has the function of voice warning of abnormal body temperature, which can effectively prevent large-scale disease infection.

Not only can it be used alone and provide relay signals, but it can also be integrate into a walk thourgh metal detector, ordinary doors, intelligent access control systems, disinfection equipment, turnstiles and other equipment that needs to integrate temperature measurement functions.

  • Quick screening: Collect infrared temperature data actively, no human operation required, and the temperature measurement can be completed in less than 1 second.
  • Non-contact temperature measurement: The fixed temperature sensor measures the temperature of the human wrist or forehead to avoid direct contact between the temperature measurement personnel and the measure person, which may cause cross infection.
  • Voice alarm: After passing the temperature measurement, the person with abnormal temperature will be advised by two types of voice alarms “Your temperature is normal” or “Please check again”. You can customize the voice in different languages.
  • Application environment: Low ambient temperature requirements, temperature measurement and screening can be performed normally at -10 C
  • Panel Display:High-brightness digital display.
  • Anti-high temperature false alarm: STM highly intelligent temperature measurement program can prevent false alarms caused by high temperature and direct sunlight.