Security solutions for packaged and bottled merchandise.

Provides superior protection for high-value merchandise. Designed for ease of use and a wide range of applications.

OneKEY Detacher

A convenient merchandise security removal solution. Provides quick detaching and full authorization control for seamless checkout operations and immediate customer service.

  • Always powered and ready for rapid removal of security at checkout
  • Multi-detaching for both OneKEY and magnetic solutions offers smooth transition to a single detacher.
  • The only detacher with timeout and deauthorization, making it the most secure detacher available.

OneKey Bottle Cap

The only bottle security that cannot be defeated by magnets

  • Prevents theft and on-site consumption of wine and/or bottled spirits
  • Easy application and tightening process
  • One button push to lock; part of the OneKEY ecosystem
  • AM or RF gate detection
  • Three sizes available – small, medium, large

Cable Lock

The only soft goods security solution not vulnerable to magnets

  • Secure: Cannot be defeated by magnets; Disarm/Unlock with InVue OneKEY
  • Design: Elegant design matches high-end aesthetics of protected merchandise
  • Easy to Apply: Quick and easy to install with an audible “chirp” when armed
  • Versatile: Ideal for a wide range of products in retail stores

Package Wrap

Security for boxed merchandise using OneKEY technology

  • Secure: Cannot be defeated by magnets; Disarm/Unlock with InVue OneKEY. Features 2 alarm security.
  • Minimal: Alarm housing ideal for small to large boxes and does not obstruct graphics and information
  • Easy to Apply: Robust ratcheting mechanism makes tightening quick, easy and application secure
  • Versatile: Use for standard front-facing packages, or short side facing for stacking shallow boxes
  • Options: Two Package Wrap sizes provide full storage of the steel cable inside the unit for tangle-free storage and fast deployment: Small: 52” (132cm); Large: 102” (259 cm)

The only package wrap on the market that cannot be defeated by magnets.


Fully visible, fully secure

  • Strong polycarbonate box, hard to defeat
  • Works well in layered security configurations
  • Use the integrated, pull resistant hang tab with InVue Locking Hooks for added protection
  • Alarms EAS gates (AM or RF)
  • 8 Safer sizes available to fit a variety of merchandise for a number of industries

Secure Box

Durable, reusable security for products with weak packaging or easily defeated hanging tabs

  • Designed to fit and protect high value merchandise and accessories
  • Integrated peg slot secures merchandise to InVue Locking Hooks
  • Secure Box is crystal clear and allows customers a full view of the merchandise and information on packaging