The new Zips for Connected Home

A universal merchandising platform to display and protect connected home devices.

The ideal protection for any connected home device… in any retail environment. Zips for Connected Home is completely scalable to meet your specific needs.

Zips for Connected Home

Universal display platform for smart home technology devices.

  • Easily accommodates a wide range of device shapes and sizes
  • Alarm unit can be mounted under counter allowing for a clean design
  • Scalable: allowing you to upgrade to higher security as needed and at a minimal investment
  • Integration with Zips platform and the complete InVue OneKEY ecosystem™

Select the best option to meet your needs.
Cost effectively upgrade as needed.

Non-Alarm Unit

Display Only

  • Includes merchandising fixture with screw and adhesive mounts
  • Provides mechanical security
  • Can accommodate OEM power feed through

Alarm Unit

Display and security

  • Electronically secures device with sensors
  • Can accommodate OEM power feed through
  • Compatible with Zips and Series 2865 alarm units

Alarm & Power Unit

Display, security and experience

  • Electronically secures device
  • Natively powers device with powered sensors (up to 1.0 AMP)
  • Compatible with Zips and Series 2865 alarm units

Nest Security Camera with alarm and OEM power pass-through.

Clean design allows merchandise to be the hero.

Power up to four positions when used with Zips Multiport.